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Queen calls for Jeremy Corbyn’s powers to be weakened

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2015 at 9:07 am

The Queen has called for the Labour leadership contender’s powers to be weakened as she said that ‘Corbynmania’ should be subject to parliamentary veto.

‘Corbynmania’ is the traditional extrajudicial, quasiconstitutional practice of adopting unusual policy positions in the context of offering a new vision for Britain. According to historians the practice, and associated traditional ceremonial conventions, dates back to late spring 2015.

“So called “Corbynmania” is a series of powers officially held by leftist opportunists which permit them to advocate radical, often outlandish, policy proposals to be taken without the backing of, or consultation with, the Parliamentary Labour Party” said one expert last night.

It is understood that Her Majesty believes that no one individual should have such a level of authority without being accountable to parliament.

In her statement, Her Majesty says the Labour candidate’s policy positions should be subject to parliamentary veto in comments that are described as an “assault” on Corbynism. The comments will bring dismay to his devoted followers who regularly line the streets during his visits and walkabouts.

The powers involved range from the appointment and dismissal of left wing icons to the making of treaties and the accreditation of ‘friends’ . They also allow a prime minister to go to war on the media.

Traditionalists claim the proposals could undermine the British tourist industry and lead to less press coverage of the official state regalia of sensible shoes and comfortable cardigans.

Sir Anthony Ponsenby-Smythe, the historian, told BBC radio: “It’s hard to know what would be left of Corbynism. His role is very much a ceremonial one albeit highly cherished by loyalists. She is the first Royal leader who started talking about a reduction in the role of Corbyn. It would be very serious. Presumably she is saying it because she knows it will go down well with her supporters.”

Analysts believe the radical statements are an attempt to put clear blue water between the Queen and possible leadership contender, Prince Charles. Many also attribute the remarks to weariness amongst leading royals in the long drawn out succession period. “We feel as though this has gone on for years” said a close aide to rank outsider, Prince Andrew.

Karl Marx is 23.

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