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No Election Turmoil as Nick Clegg says he will “not serve fifth term”

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2015 at 7:49 pm

Nick Clegg has told the BBC he will not serve a fifth term as Deputy Prime Minister if the Liberal Democrats remain in Government after the general election.

The Deputy PM said if re-elected he would serve the full five years of another Parliament and then only three more after that and then definitely step down. Mr Clegg tipped Vince Cable, Tim Farron and Simon Hughes, as three colleagues who had absolutely no chance of being potential successors in 2035.

Labour accused him of arrogance while the Conservatives called him presumptuous.

Leadership Campaign
BBC political commentator Tim Wiggins-Hopkins said the DPM’s comments would “completely fail to electrify the election campaign”.   Our correspondent highlighted the effect on the party: “Not only will this not kick-start a very, very lengthy Leadership contest, it will also fail to send a message to party members that if they back the Deputy Prime Minister now, that there will be any discernible consequences whatsoever” he said.
“It’s like a bowl of organic Alpen”, said Nick Clegg to a room rapidly emptying of journalists. “It looks quite nice on the box and when you open the box there is superficially a lot of mixed fruit, but after a short period of time there is the risk it will go very soggy. Unless you put in less milk than is recommended in which case you do of course run the risk of it being dry. Sorry where was I?”

Job Done
The Deputy Prime Minister said during the interview he felt his job was “1/20th done” with the economy “turned round, or in many respects at least, very twisted” and that he wanted to “finish off the job” of education and welfare reform.  “There are” he said “many promises to the British people which I have not yet been able to break. I want to rededicate myself to that level of public service”.

Long Hard Look
Reflecting on his closest advisors and confidants the Deputy Prime Minister was in a buoyant mood. “You know, there’s plenty of talent there. I’m surrounded by very good people in the party.  Many of whom voted for me.  I overhead one of them say the other day that I am sort of person whom they fully expect to go on, and on and on”.
He added: ” At my age you have to take a long hard look at what you want to do with the rest of your life. I’ve said I’ll stand for a full second term, but I think after that it will be time for me to stand again, and then just twice more after that”.

Balance of Power
Labour said Mr Clegg was “taking the British public for granted” by discussing a fourth term.
Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, the party’s general election co-ordinator, said: “It is typically arrogant of Nick Clegg to presume a fourth term in 2030 before the British public have been given the chance to have their say in this election. I want to say unequivocally that I shall of course recant all that if the LibDems hold the balance of power on May the 8th”
A UKIP spokesman said: “Have I had my lunch yet?”

David Steele is 104.